Shahul Hameed Badhushah Nayagam

  • Jan 08, 2022

On that day Manikapur did not know. That we were going to get the king. According to the Arabic calendar, in the year 910 AH, on the tenth day of the month of Jamaat al-Aqir. Nagore Aandavar was born in the flower world. The gift given by God to the wipe away. The tears of the people the world was made by. The Great Nagore Aandavar Hazarath Kuthubul Akthab Fardul Ahbab Syedus Saadhath Syedina Shahul Hameed Kadir Oli Ganjasavoy Ganjabuksh Bathusha Nayagam. They were born in the holy land of Manikpur. Days moved Syedina Shahul Hameed Kadir Oli Ganjasavoy Ganjabuksh Bathusha Nayagam They grew day by day with beautiful appearance and graceful nature. In childhood, when the children of the same age were involved in play, they would sit alone and think about God. Nagore Andavar They were the least talkative in their youth The power to summarize and explain to Aandavar was immense. The Nagore Aandavar desire to reach the Lord increased as they grew older so the Lord longed for their spiritual guide. In the year 928 AH, Nagore Aanadavar left Manikpur to greet the monk and went to Gwalior. The city of wisdom in the state of Rajasthan in search of a guru. The earth rejoiced and the wind and the directions filled the heavens and the spheres and saw the coming of Nagore Aandavar. Eventually the master came to his wise guru Muhammad Ghouse Gwalior and joined them. On a good day the Nagore Aandavar made a piety to his Guru as the Lord wished and received virtual initiation. They accepted the Guru’s teachings and worshiped the Lord in solitude for days. Guru Ghouse Gwalior was amazed at the growth of the spiritual path of Nagore Aandavar. Guru Ghouse Gwalior Nayagam, who had received spiritual training from them, appeared Kaliru Alaihivassalam to see the Shahul Hameed and immediatly disappeared with the good news. That God has made you the lamp of the house of yellow until the end of the world ya khadir muradhu hasil. You People Wait for the dark curtains of the world to be torn by his torch, the treasure of Allah’s greatness.